Graphite Image

Lina looks back at me,

Her gaze reaching with elongated fingers.

She stairs deep into me,

Bidding me to see her.

Begging my eyes to see what she sees,

Hear what she hears.

I could reach out and erase her with one touch

She is so fragile.  She is graphite.    


I see her,

I see her face,

Her eye darkened like the abyss,

Her cheeks white in silver graphite.

But do I really see her?

I see her face, so pale

So black from what she has seen.

She asks me if I see her,

And I do,

For I know what she faces. 


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Thank you to all my readers and followers who read this short poem.  It was written for a poetry course I took in the Spring of 2018 and inspired by a pencil drawing done by a fellow student at my university.  The work was named Lina.  I also wish to thank Marshall Tankersley for his wonderful cover.  If you’d like to see more of his content follow him on Twitter @soundsmythprod to catch all of absolutely amazing Doctor Who content.  And finally, I’d like to thank all my patrons for joining me on this journey to achieving my goal of becoming a full-time author.  It means so much to me.