Is this Peace?

Sun shinning and rivers flowing

I see them upon this bright

And hopeful expanse filled

To the brim with flowers

And life so hopeful and grand.

Is this peace?  Is this life? 

All I can say is yes, this is

Such peace and warmth,

Such life and hope. 


Wind sweeping and rain falling

I see them coming upon this dark

And broken expanse filled

To the brim with decay

And bones so hopeless and broken.

Is this fear?  Is this life?

All I can say is yes, this is

Such angst and chill,

Such death and loss. 


What happened to this peace –

This land of flowing rivers and shinning sun?

I thought you said this was peace;

I thought you said this was life. 

All I see is now is hopeless doom,

An expanse of wind and rain,

Thunder and lightning,

Death and decay,

Angst and sorrow. 


What is this? 


Is this life?  Is this death?

What?  I say what? 

Where is that peaceful land

You promised me?

Where is that sun-soaked meadow

Where flowers bloomed and rivers

Flowed through forever bright days?

I see none such life, none such hope.

Where are they? 


Where are they?

Where are they?

Where are you?


You were the one who

Made this a peaceful land. 

Where are you now?

Where are you now?

I cannot see for the wind and rain

Are as a veil, obscuring the bride,

Masking the beauty.

Where is that peace

You promised me?


All I see is rain,

All I see is death

All I see is a lack of you.


Where is love?

Where is life?

Where is hope?


There is angst!

There is fear!

The demons come!


They creep upon this wind

Blown hell of rain and lack

Of sun, letting them stammer

And shuffle with blood coated swords

Aimed for my heart. 

Where is that peace that once flowed through this land?

Where is the life that I once witnessed?

Where? Where? Where?


You promised peace!

But all I see is despair! 

They told me you’d provide,

But all I have is want for joy,

And life, and peace! 

Where? Where? Where?

Why? Why? Why

Have you left me to rot

And face their torture?


Where . . .

What . . .

Who . . .


My eyes cannot see the rain,

By my skin fills its chill.

The mud claims my flesh

In wallowing sorrow

As a pig, as a dog,

That is what I am. 

Is it not?

It is so? I tell this to myself.

No, you say, no it is not. 


What is that I see? 

What comes from above the clouds?



My eyes open to rain and wind,

The demons, that rotting herd

Shamble forward in their dark delight.

But they seem to never see it,

Seem to never hear it. 

But that light, that light,

Through the clouds I see it. 

Oh, how does it glow. 

What is it?  What is it? 


What is this?


Is there still life?

Is this what peace is?

I see only the rain and wind,

The death and decay,

But in the clouds, I see

A light, a light, a light.

The clouds alight for

Does the sun still shine

Beyond those clouds? 


Where are they:

Those demons,

The death?


For in the rain a ray comes down

Like a road upwards into the light.

And under it be but one little thing,

A single flower, a single hope. 

Is this peace?  Is this where you were?

Were you beyond the clouds, still shining,

Casting light upon the world

Despite cloud, despite rain,

Despite veil, despite fear?


I see rain.

I see light.

I see hope.


There are clouds.

There is light.

The light comes.


Yet rain still beats down,

And wind flies hard and fast. 

This hellscape, no flame can build.

That veil that blinds me I must peer

Through it and into that light. 

My feet fight mud and grime,

But those demons, those demons,

They don’t move. 


They stand frozen, blown by wind,

The rain masking them, but they

Are wood – cutouts of terror. 

But in that road flowing from the sky

And in it a flower grows beyond

The demons that held me. 

I see a river flowing

Beside that flower. 

Through the rain, that veil.


Is this hope? 

Is this life?

Is this peace?