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I’d like to thank my good friend Marshall Tankersley for all his hard work in in making the cover art for my stories, Facebook pages, and Patreon.  Without your talent this would be a very bland place to read stories.  A special thanks to my Poetry 1 classmates and professor for helping me work on this story and figure out the heart of it.  Thank you to my patrons or supporting me, both current and future.  Special credit also must be given to Billy Collins and his poem “Embrace” to which this poem was written as a response.  Thank you all!



You feel her warming touch.

Her heartbeat soothes your miserable sea

Churning to her rhythmic ballad

Flooding you in loving fear,

Her suffocating warmth,

That holds you like a blanket tight.


When she departs, the glacier plows through you.

Feeding your hopeless desire

For that warmth you solely crave.

Yet you fear it like death incarnate

Coming to wrap your heart in ashes,

In ever darkening abyss.